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Renaissance - Transformation & Evolution Projects
currently being re-organized:

Super Marine Spitfire : (a full rewarding life awaiting reincarnation…)

CF-105 Avro Arrow (brilliant aerospace engineering genius)
(scrapped by Conservative traitors)

CF-105 Arrow Inc. RTE, advanced materials, systems, engines)

C102 Avro Jetliner - Regional Jet (world record super achiever)
(scrapped by people with no vision)

Avro SST - (the ultimate SST design engineering)
(CAI-824 SST - new aircraft, design RTE)

Orenda Iroquois turbojet (death by crime, genocide and treason)
NTPI - Magnum Opus Turbo - Iroquois Renaissance)

Made in Canada industrial, aerospace, defence and technology base (free trade is good for you, honest)

A few more projects that your probably don't know about…

We are pro life, we believe in past lives, this life, reincarnation and peak lifetime experiences…
We believe in the Renaissance, Transformation and Evolution of these projects…
in addition to the individual, industry and our country…

The heart and soul
personal: the ember that burns in the heart of many Canadians…

Experience the past, present and future in a few minutes…

The CAI-RTE Projects, known as the Renaissance, Transformation and Evolution Projects, are visionary and special. This is for aircraft with special meaning, history, symbolic, timeless. These aircraft from the beginning, their mission, design engineering, performance specification are remarkable, distinguished and legendary. Various levels of development and operations are included. Some aircraft were only in the design engineering stage, going beyond what already existed, while others have had considerable experimental and applied design engineering work in addition to considerable deployment in active service.

With our rich inheritance of historical achievements, visionary and creative imagination, technological fortitude and our ability to achieve, excel, solve problems and create something new, with our present capabilities our duty to honour to those who came before us, those who are with us now, and those who will be here in the future. The RTE Projects is like a mission with corresponding levels of challenge, trust, moral courage and doing things because we can. Going beyond duty, we seek to go forward with the pure awesomeness of possibility and promise, a world without limitation, a world of new variables, a choice point that creates a new timeline, a new alternate reality.

In the words of James C. Floyd "It would take genius you see, someone to spark things off. Maybe it could happen again". I am writing now, as I remember…in one moment. This was the reference to rebuilding the Avro Arrow, the CF-105 Arrow Interceptor…

We work with strategic, operational and tactical advantage and ability, we live with spiritual, mental, psychological advantange and ability, we continue everywhere with our character and personality advantage. We identify the enemy, we neutralize the enemy, we can do that as an individual, a group or society, and certainly a pilot flying an aircraft needs to do that same, as much as the people engineering, building, maintaining and supplying the aircraft.

The problem with the past is that it already happened, but we can learn from it. People that did nothing to defend effectively so many excellent achievements, and brilliant technological, logistical and co-operative genius to be obliterated in the anti-nation state war.

Back in time, as it is now and in the future, some people were not so aware, some had no voice, they were censored, closed to discussion, no recourse, invalidated, neutralized, the fantastic work came to nothing, destroyed by sociopaths, an abortion of technology, dream, vision and capability, history, present reality and the future of unlimited possibilities. So, go back in time? No, we go forward, we learn from the past. What if we could do it again? What would we do different? If we picked up where we left off, imagine what would be the next series of pro-active and visionary moves that would be the renaissance, transformation and evolution of a particular aircraft, company, industry and people.

Compare if you will, the C102 Avro Jetliner with modern regional jets, imagine newer engines, avionics, materials and production, imagine the jobs, careers and industry. In the last 60 years, what kind of progress have we really made? We have the plans for the C102 Jetliner, we can redevelop and rebuild it just because we want to. Although the C102 Jetliner varies considerably with the Comeau Aerospace Inc. CAI-230 Evolution Regional Jet design elements, for the C102, the nostaligia, record breaking history, the massive engineering and successful development program is without equal. We did it before and we can do it again. It is an excellent project in co-operation, something most encouraging in the development and deployment of personnel, industry infrastructure, material, intelectual and financial resources. We have it in our power!

In relationships people say, if it is meant to, it will be, so, when things are in our power, our control, our resolution, our realm of influence, our universe, when we are pro-active, when we work towards those things we envision, it is possible. "Act as if it is impossible to fail" is something many people have heard or read about. What about now? This can include the restoration of real Canadian values, true values, the idea and energy of aerospace, design engineering and made in Canada, in our everyday consiousness. This can include the RTE Projects. This means making effort not excuses and this applies to everything else, not only the RTE Projects, or anything beyond what we present here.

We are recruiting from the founding people, straight white nationalists, people with true values, family values, character, ability, loyalty and vision…people that like to work, get involved and build great things together, people that have pride in their work, with solid ideals and ideas with their personal and national identity intact and ready for challenge and reward. People that are or have potential to be national security rated, people that don't quit, people that invent their way with confidence, optimism and go forward with moral courage, fortitude, resolution, energy and vitality. People that understand that they are not the sum of their mistakes and the past is the past, but the future is what we create right now by everyday actions. People that align their actions with their values and identity, people that want to go forward, with optimism, trust, confidence, faith, happiness, initiative, co-operation, pro-active with a sense of urgency, mission and purpose to achieve goals, real measurable progress and victory, going forward to achieve, excel, experience, to build something awesome, to invent the future, the one with your name on it, you, the individual that made all the difference, the one that said, I will because I want to, I can because of who I am, I am….

How is that for a heart and soul personal? No hypnosis, no subliminal art and music, (epic music would be nice…) only real freedom of choice. Now, that's what I am talking about! What about you? What do you believe in? Did you ever do something just because you wanted to? Did you ever ask yourself, "What if…" about anything?

What if we could do it again?

Michael Comeau, the extra-ordinary visionary and trustee…

Personnel Relations - Private Member

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