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Co-operative association is possible with the founding people, people with true values, family values, character, ability, loyalty and vision…personnel that like to work, get involved and build great things together, people that have pride in their work, with solid ideals and ideas with their personal and national identity intact and ready for challenge and reward.

Personnel that are or have potential to be national security rated, people that don't quit, people that invent their way with confidence, optimism and go forward with moral courage, fortitude, resolution, energy and vitality knowing that the future is what we create right now by everyday actions.

Personnel that align their actions with their values and identity, people that want to go forward to achieve, excel, experience, to build something awesome, to invent the future, the one with your name on it, you, the individual that made all the difference, the one that said, I will because I want to, I can because of who I am, I am….


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