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Comeau Aerospace Inc.
Investment Vision is integrated with our Vision, which includes a vast panorama of options.

Commercial Transactions - General

Capital Structure and Securities

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Right now, as a private company,
private securities may be acquired and managed through :

Capital Vault Incorporated

As a private members involved in Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE & VC) the Member/Investor is actually a co-trustee and is involved in active management and is the one who decides upon investment and resource allocation. This understanding and operational ability is documented with the CVI-Private Member Agreement and corresponding CVI-Options. There are many advantages and options to explore and discover with Capital Vault Incorporated with the CVIx Advanced Projects, where you can read and study as much as you like, join as a private member and be part of the greatest adventure of all time!

If you or your investment advisor does not know about
the most awesome national industrial economic renaissance,
to get more up to speed and render everything else obsolete, please check out :

Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

The Strategic Account, will be a surprise to explore and discover,
especially for those who want to get involved, optimize their options,
not worry about investing, and have all the power, time and intel,
to make awesome decisions with a pro-active empowering optimism,
custom made future with a magnitude of new wealth generation,
in an ultra nationalist pro-Canadian landscape,
the creates the future by choice, work, co-operation and genius.

Also, several extremely interesting, dynamic and relevant options may be found at:

Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation

A visionary economic, industry, community and national renaissance
focused on Made in Canada and Product of Canada,
that goes way beyond the complexities
of government engineered industrial economic and enterprise genocide,
with powerful freedom of choice that is yours to exercise if you want to!

Options, entities, ideas, capabilities and classified.

You can choose to build an alternate reality that is incredibly more exciting, challenging and rewarding than anything else on the planet, and to explore and discover the brilliant technical genius with Comeau Aerospace Inc. and the extra-ordinary vision.

You can choose to be part of the nation building genius and all the awesome things you will find there, and be actively transforming thought into reality, and make the 21st century the most awesome Canadian century! We know and you know, that You can make a difference!

After all, the right vision can do more for our investors, personnel, customers, enterprise, industry and community than anyone or any thing else on the planet!

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