Investor and Enterprise Notes: (continued from Investor Relations)

Additionally, there are no forecasts made with any transactions concerning any level of any government, nor does this endeavour depend on financial transactions by the government or any other financial institution, and if we did, we would be in trouble already.

It is unreasonable and not realistic to expect any commercial transactions of any type with any political party or governing party that is not sufficiently nationalistic or with corresponding character and a pro-Canada track record, or with those who are globalists and sell out the country or are somehow controlled and manipulated by money, power, are not real Canadian, un Canadian or anti Canadian, anti-nation state, or those who are engaged in or finance or contribute to terrorism or terrorist class of people, with those engaged in activities or otherwise to ensure the acquisition of foreign aircraft, spacecraft or other aerospace technology, services or capabilities.

Honesty and a good conscience is essential, thoughtful traditional patriotism is good. Crime, treason and genocide is unacceptable behaviour for government, enterprise and individuals. There really is right and wrong, good and evil, wise and unwise.

There are no applications for any type of funding, grants or otherwise through any government entity including financial, and it is not likely that any kind of personnel will magically appear to make that possible even if they had the connections. There are currently no employee job creation grants, subventions or otherwise, however, this may change, except in the case of working share owner, co-trustee personnel, and other ownership, control and voting arrangements, stealth business and related transactions and jurisdictions. As a private enterprise many excellent things are possible subject to mutual agreement.

This endeavour will exist and stand on its own merits, commercial and private markets, including government and international markets, the private investor, and those who may engage in enterprise, technology and personnel development, notwithstanding the nature of national, geo-political and exo-political events or otherwise. This exists by private investment and does not raid, expropriate or otherwise acquire public funds at the expense of the citizen in things that they themselves would not personally invest in, contribute to, develop and acquire or benefit directly or indirectly from the technology, programs, projects, products, or services. Freedom of choice is essential and people who really like, value, believe in and want to get involved with are truly appreciated.

There are no questionable practices, collaborations, collusion or otherwise, including stock market manipulation, securities analysts recommendations, manipulation, bribes, kickbacks, payoffs, gifts, promotions or other fine methods of compensations, including directorships, trustee positions, consultant agreements, unethical or inappropriate offshore or other transactions, fees or other options like golf club memberships and timeshares here and there. Foreign sales or other export of technology may be restricted obviously.

Peace, Order and Good Government, right? Real honest business and transactions are possible with various entities, jurisdictions, ownership, control and voting that goes way beyond typical private and public enterprise, including stock market companies. Various stock market, IPO and pre-IPO, shell companies and private investment options may be available and under development, including useful options for those managing their own portfolio, for those involved in private wealth management, companies, entities or individuals engaged in public investment or financing, including stock market development. This is mainly available through Capital Vault Incorporated and Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. and also through various entities and agents of financial institutions or in the financial industry, including licensed and accredited personnel.

Options for registration, non-registration, exempt securities, reporting and non reporting, private and public entity options for increased liquidity, or other brilliant capital structure options, including hard currency, non financial investment and contributions are available. Please contact us for details, since we have gone way beyond typical limited enterprise and financial management options.

The various business and technology combinations that currently exist in addition to those under development, offer a magnitude of opportunities that enable, augment and amplify strategic, tactical and operational advantage, including investment, new wealth generation, robust asset protection and much more.

Notwithstanding the nature or degree of design engineering, technology or otherwise, there is no guarantee for government procurements or other negotiations, proposals, technology demonstration events, lease or lend options, conditional sales and or acquisition contracts, or joint deployment. This may change at anytime due to any number or combinations of reasons. Unilateral acquisition and/or deployment of technology due to national security reasons or otherwise may be possible.

This endeavour is not involved in genocide, treason, globalism, liberalism or other criminal activities, so this may not be suitable for your portfolio, nor do we advocate warfare, slavery, selling out the country, transferring technology or manufacturing capabilities to some other country that would to prefer to put us out of business or existence. Mass media promotion and nation state sovereignty is not expected by those engaged in Liberalism which is globalism. Comeau Aerospace Inc. is pro-active for nation state sovereignty, aerospace and defence technology. Confidentiality and non-disclosure may be required for various corresponding documentation.

Although every effort is made to create the ultimate flying machine adventure and enterprise, this is the work of the brilliant creative imagination and devoted effort of the individual who operates in the realm of unlimited possibility that may exceed present industrial practice in more advanced design engineering, materials, advanced manufacturing technology and performance capabilities. Comeau Aerospace Inc. and related companies are engaged in the most advanced aerospace design engineering endeavour in Canada and the world.

Even though there are projects involving conventional or traditional materials, products, engines and flight technology, there are many things going beyond that limited consensus reality, that are a lot more up to speed in the realm of multi-dimensional physics, advanced propulsion and awesome design elements that make many other things obsolete, yet include something the average person can still relate to in conventional aircraft and aerospace technology.

Furthermore: There are no unions of any type, including foreign controlled unions that are totally contrary to the requirements of the national security of Canada or present other conflicts of interest or otherwise, this includes Aerotek and Unifor. There is only one boss. There are no limitations to the individual, and naturally this is an unorthodox business model which you may not accept or agree with, and that's ok, there are plenty of other options in conventional, conformist, industry and enterprise practice.

Portfolio managers with Union only investment criteria may be out of luck or options, however in the potential possibility of a real Canadian aerospace, machinist, engineering, materials processing and production, assembly or other union, or those who may promote pro-active advanced aerospace and related technology, and a corresponding memorandum of understanding and intention, where sufficient investment options are dedicated, some union may be possible, in accordance with the right character, personality and pro-Canadian industrial and political view and true values, however that would be pure speculation, as other limitations on the individual and enterprise concerning Unions are Prohibited Relations, Entities and Enterprise: 1. not under foreign or domestic infiltration, subversion, crime, genocide and treason, control, influence, entity, idealogy, allegiance or otherwise; 2. this applies to financial institutions and related investment management personnel also; 3. not super-imposed foreign, corrupt anti-nation state values masquerading as Canadian values; 4. no government entity or individual that is anti-Canadian, or that is not in accordance with Peace, Order and Good Government.

As for risk management, personnel are not employees. There is no unionized personnel leasing (Aerotek etc.), staffing agency or any other type of entity. Personnel do not work with biohazards, this includes syringes to fuse composites that are essentially plastic sandwich cardboard, toxic bonding material and fillers, there are no questionable production processes that increase risk to personnel. There are no microwave technology deployment within or around our facilities that nuke personnel, or communication systems in place accessible by internet or other clever communications technology. Risk management includes a safe and healthy working environment.

Inventive personnel do not need to worry or experience the loss of the rewards of their inventions, ideas or genius and have it expropriated by the personnel leasing company, since there is none, and can expect to receive more voting stock, cash and an optimistic future, more opportunity, challenge and reward. Providentially, personnel have the most awesome private investment management capabilities and all assets are in trust, where ownership, control and voting is classified and documented with the ultimate Strategic Risk Management. Something you can’t just get anywhere...except with Capital Vault Incorporated and Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

Smart people with bright ideas, brilliant imagination and an industrious work ethic are rewarded, promoted, compensated, guarded and prized, they are not fired or otherwise dismissed through “Personnel Leasing and or Staffing Agencies” to avoid improper dismissal and no recourse because some people feel threatened by the new guy that makes existing techniques backwards, obsolete and some people look stupid, even if they are well intentioned and working within their current awareness and capabilities. The union seniority system is non-existent, there is no ceiling on performance, compensation or reward. The Ultimate Flying Machine Adventure requires the ultimate enterprise, vision and mission and the kind of environment that values, respects, challenges and rewards all personnel.

How do you like the diplomacy so far? Hmmm, interesting eh. The working share owner is a good thing, like having money and controlling it, or an investment and securities that you can vote, or a newspaper, tv or communications media you can edit with the arsenal of democracy, as in local, relevant, real, factual, good citizen journalism, something you can write home about. This is not a political statement or a communique from a political agent, however, this may vary considerably with what you may normally experience, or have no relevant choice in the matter, other awareness and as a consequence, a corresponding appreciation for those things that we value the most.

For those interested or tempted to expropriate, steal, acquire, confiscate or otherwise design engineering ideas, plans, technology or otherwise, and forward them to other people, agencies, enterprise or otherwise, bribe, seduce, tempt or terrorize government officials or otherwise, such attempts or other acts contrary to this endeavour may result in an unlimited unknown variables to rectify inappropriate activities and actions. Confidentiality agreements are good to a point, a choice point in a timeline that can change. This is only one of many excellent Investor Protection Resource Capabilities available. Personnel loyalty, character and requisite character is a national security essential, anyone with questionable intentions should not gamble with their life.

Video games, books, magazines, news media or industry and technology journals or publications, movie, television, radio, products, special events, flight simulator, advanced peace and war vector scenario and graphic novel production, including co-development, programs involving Comeau Aerospace Inc. Ultimate Flying Machine design engineering advanced projects technology, products, services or otherwise, may generate additional investment, enterprise, commercial and private opportunities and is reserved for the company and available to all personnel including investors. This will be very cool...

In the process of creating the future, this is very visionary, and as a result, forward looking statements can easily be made within a massive magnitude of options and possibilities in a wide range of scenarios and mission tasking. Any strategic, tactical and operational analysis can be made in accordance with any number of entities, jurisdictions, investment options, capital structure, technology, programs, aircraft, spacecraft and the Ultimate Flying Machines.