Transactions - Exact

Join Comeau Aerospace Inc. as Personnel and a Private Member.

Commercial Transactions are enabled with the various Private member accounts.

This also includes Specific Transaction Options :
Capital Structure and Securities
Conditional Sales and Acquisition
Development : acquisition, conversion, deployment options
Private Member Personnel

Clientele options include:
Awesome Options Integrated with :

the Battlegroup 301 Incorporated *

Aeropark : Airport & Aero Industry Development Program;

Member/Personnel can request general and specific airport and/or Aero Industry Projects

Conditional Sales Contracts, Development & Acquisition Options & provisions;

Capital Vault Incorporated the Strategic Operations Group MAX RSVP Account;

Financial and non-financial investment - time, resources, assets, property, products, services;

Relevant options that goes way beyond conventional money only investing!

General and Specific or Specialized Portfolios are available to explore and discover!