Techno-IEU-Cabin-Air - The Fresh Cabin Air Project

A worldwide health hazard exists now in the aviation industry...

contaminated-cabin-air-timeline also aerotoxic syndrome research

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If you want to be part of the solution, you already know what to do, right?

Comeau Aerospace Inc. has the ultimate flying machine adventure gold standard. This includes the life, health and safety of all personnel on an aircraft. The Fresh Cabin Air Project by Comeau Aerospace Inc. is unprecedented and without parallel anywhere...

Technological responsability can also expand in other aspects of applied research and custom mass technology depoyment in aerospace and aviation, such as the elimination of aero-toxic air that passengers and crew are subjected to during flights. Comeau Aerospace Inc. integrates super clean air supply in all aircraft and spacecraft design elements, further detailed in the Ultimate Flying Machine and Advanced Projects. So, we can look at the ideals and altruism of integrity in everything that we do, creative imagination is at work, clean air, clean fuel, fresh air and sunshine for the ultimate flying machine adventure.

Additionally, super clean air retrofit technology can be installed in any aircraft without structural modification and is light, compact, re-usable, does not require extra power and is generally much more invigorating, energizing, creates greater feeling of alertness and reduces that clausterphobic dirty air feeling, which is often the real cause of jet lag. The vast majority of aircraft offer only contaminated cabin air….

We, (the famous we) already have the technology to retrofit any aircraft in the world to produce extremely clean fresh air. It is extremely light, reliable, efficient, economically feasible and can pass any clean air standard. No need for new Type certificates or anything too regulatory, complicated, hard to understand, $100 words or vague, or anything requiring extensive and or expensive test can choose to live or die, take your life enhancing or self destructive and totally stupid, not to mention lazy, which is why people need to be reminded, “God helps those who help themselves” right?

Naturally, without being too presumptuous, you can invest in a multi-billion dollar retrofit and OEM technology, (with Comeau Aerospace Inc. of course) if you want to, I guess. Or, if you prefer, since you have freedom of choice (at least here any ways) You (You the individual) can benefit or suffer from pending and future legislation, multiple class action lawsuits, a whole lot more than 40 lashes, being blacklisted and other creative and entertaining options...not to mention toxic cabin air if you keep doing more of the same thing expecting different results, or if you believe accidents, sickness and death or other impairment, only happen to other people. If you happen to be one of the other people, maybe, according to the first law of quantum geometry, you might like to consider your options, maybe imagine, or pretend to imagine, what kind of options might be possible….it would be a shame for the aerospace industry to be forced, as in legislation and regulation, to install super clean air technology, and no longer subject people to toxic cabin air, as compared to the contrast of being pro-active, but don't hold your breath…you can only do that for so long anyway, right?

In consideration of options, you will be glad to know, ownership, control and voting with all kinds of really cool private securities might be available, if you are special :-) - since you have special needs like, asset protection, personal and financial privacy and security, maybe even repatriate funds, like truckloads of it, or at least a briefcase or duffle bag, like to make money while you are sleeping and dreaming about the ultimate flying machine adventure, the awesome pure exhilaration of _____________, or even some degree of portfolio diversification, like to eat a baked alaskan, apple crumble pie, tia misou or something tasty and tantalizing.

Since disclosure is important , I bet a cool million bucks on the result and reaction of this endeavour (I know, a gentlemen’s bet, shareholder provisions...) and this will be disclosed soon enough (speaking from the guy that says it takes a million years for everything...) which reminds me, when this is translated and forwarded at the agreed predetermined time, the rest is classified, sorry :-( I imagine it will work out all according to plan...which reminds me, flying a biplane is really refreshing, exhilarating and revitalizing, not to mention good for the heartbeat, barnstorming, crazy acrobatics, better than any roller coaster wannabe thrill ride, only the Ultimate Flying Machine Adventure will do! Even though it may seem like I go off on a tangent, or rather a vector, (most likely at the speed of thought, not really hypersonic, even if it feels that way) the fact is, it is possible to have super clean cabin air, and not have to be forced to breathe and suffer from aero-toxic syndrome, which is almost like being asphyxiated or something like that….

Now finally, when you make time, you could dedicate your life to living with more passion and purpose, something with intensity, energy, adventure...something awesome...I already have, what’s taking you so long?

What do you think of them apples?


Climate change and green technology - en route…

Under development with National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated and related enterprise…

Since climate change and green technologies get so much media coverage, why not take the lead out of jetfuel? Do you have any idea of how bad lead is in the environment and what it does? Why do aircraft get weaponized to create chem trails for weather control and toxic assault against all life including reproductive, mental, physical health with enforced genocide and acts of war against all life? Why is the aerotoxic cabin air of jet engine bypass air enforced on crew and passengers? Why is sociopathic genocide behaviour against the human race so aceptable? Hmmmm Why so little discussion in the media? Oh yes, look who owns, controls, votes and edits the media…

A typical PR campaign about green technology initiatives is no comparason to the fundamental toxic environmental destruction at work, or existing as a fundamental business practice, technology deployment such as nuclear, or the microwave death machine that enforces the extinction level event dreamed of by sociopathic genocide monsters.

Why so little focus and resources to real super empowering and revolutionary green technology? Especially in government, with all that power and personnel and the resources of the nation at command, why so little vision, integrity, resolution or even awareness? Why? Where are the visionaries, who are inspired, with creative imagination at work in a fundamental private enterprise or any enterprise, with people who are passionate, on fire and dedicated with purpose, true values and the character and tencacity that takes to make a difference?

It is incredible and profound how destructive liberalism and all the climate change green technology proponents have so little individual creative power or the magnitude of vision and resolution to honestly look at the heart and soul of reality, of going beyond problem solving and creating more processes, bureaucracy, regulation and tax and more enforcement. It is incredible how those who are not so into liberalism, don't mind selling out the country, and why would they, they are not nationalists, they are not really concerned about nation state sovereignty, national self sufficiency or anything like that, except the status quo that is so obsolete, most people have no idea and can't possible imagine.

Do you think we will bribe government to pass legislation so our aircraft with revolutionary engine, fuel system and advanced propulsion technology will be number one? Or that they, the government, will reduce lead or eliminate lead in the fuel? Or pass regulation on aero-toxic cabin air? Or stop chem trail bio-hazard genocide experiments and warfare on all life and people and the weather control or weather warfare technology and deployment will stop? Do you believe engine manufacturers will build engines that don't run on leaded fuel? Or that the MMT will be taken out of automotive fuel? What about that, eh? None of this is discussed in mainstream news….

If you have not been addicted to cell phones and all that by now, or under mind control, or your faculties of reason and values corrupted by fascist liberal news media, or have had your ability to focus, think, reason, analyze and use logic or critical analysis, maybe you might imagine what could be possible. You may even imagine what it would be like to use the alternate reality creation engine and create something new, not merely problem solving, you might imagine what it would be like to invest, contribute, get involved, promote, or work for and with an enterprise and dedicated people. If you can read and understand this, you are lucky, you are rare, and you need to know that you can direct those super powers into productive purposeful endeavours, every awesome day is a chance to exercise powerful freedom of choice, with relevant options, really interesting and profitable options, challenging and rewarding, something you personally, the individual can do something about…

Have a great day, dream about the future and be pro-active on fire, doing something about it. It's your move!

Double cheers!