Comeau Aerospace Inc. - Enterprise

Business transactions envisioned are general and specific to the Ultimate Flying Machine Portfolio and offers a collection of artwork, newsletters, a book and some details of mission capabilities, performance intel, invest, development and acquisition options. This includes aircraft, spacecraft and other projects. Additionally, transactions are enabled for each of the Technology Integrated Enterprise Units (Techno-IEU). There are no divisions, as unity in an operating environment is essential as everything is unified, like a holographic multi-dimensional reality.

Various business transaction capabilities are integrated with Capital Vault Incorporated ( and the CVIx Continuum and associated entities. This includes the very simple to complex and offers a vast aerial armada of financial and business tools and an incredible range of relevant options and is without equal in Canada.

Comeau Aerospace Inc. also utilizes Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation ( an incredibly innovative company for private securities in Canada that endeavours to be the pre-eminent standard for national, industrial, civil and defence applications.

The math, science, geometry and all the fantastic work that goes into that effort is focused, intense and awesome. Some of that will be presented here...and somethings elsewhere, for your eyes only. Some things are so basic and conventional, and others extremely advanced, right out of the future...or an out of phase reality for those that can open their eyes, see a bold and beautiful vision, and do more than just is all relative to your point of view, awareness and understanding.

Industrial Economic Development

Creative imagination in cooperative endeavours to explore possibilities for industrial and research and development infrastructure acquisition, use, new construction and long term zone development is the priority.

This works with people optimization, educational, trade and skill development for long term solid quality family rated jobs and greater prosperity and opportunity for national, regional, municipality and smaller towns, including economic development entities, associations and other resources.

Various government, private enterprise, groups, individuals, and corresponding programs and project proposals or other options are welcome to present their ideas, for review and to advanced in the direction to build great things together.

Comeau Aerospace Inc. is aligned with the
Battlegroup 301 Incorporated Canadian Industrial Base and Defence Technology Base endeavour goes beyond the aerospace industry, with design engineering, manufacturing, economic nationalism, self sufficiency, community, industry and enterprise development. It is geared to stockpile and deploy resources, create new enterprise, technology, products, services, opportunity, productivity and wealth.

Working in unity to produce a future full of promise with opportunities to learn, grow, work and excel in a personal and professional life is a noble and worthy cause. The Comeau Aerospace Inc. Vision offers the sky is the limit thinking with the kind of imagination and ambition to create an alternate reality that we can have by choice. The future is ours to create and build out of the thin air of imagination and adventure.

The Ultimate Flying Machine Portfolio - Techno-IEU - Integrated Enterprise Units: