The Future Now with Comeau Aerospace Inc.

The magnitude of vision is visionary - a different kind of personal…

It is the acknowledgement of our reality, our national, race, family and individual characteristics, the genius of unknown variables that transcend space time of multidimensional space, with our birthright and blessing, our foundation, we go forward with vision, we create the future now.

We go forward and build with the magnitude of providence, synchronicity, a new lifetime, perhaps, reincarnated to finish off unfinished business, or to go forward pioneering new worlds of peak experience and creating something new, or taking that original design engineering project and going forward with that and seeing how far we can possible go. We have options, because we create them, the sky is the limit! What is in your heart and soul?

Tradition, heritage, industrious work ethic, creative imagination, design engeering genius at work, pure skill and ability, the lifestyle work of persistence, diligence, self-discipline and self-control, resourcefulness, pure determination, resolution and focus, is normal as true values. The ability to work, be reliable, focused, undistracted, in our zone of creative and productive power, building with quality, precision, durability and integrity, innovative style, design elements and engineering, performance capabilities, working with the hands, machinery, tools, jigs, fixtures, pencils and drawing boards, with pure revelation defining the geometry of intuitive possibilities transformed from thought into reality. Ability is augmented by healthy minds and bodies, with an environment that supports the individual quest and the most awesome national endeavours we can imagine and set our hearts and minds to do, this is awesome. How is that for an old school definition?

Our dreams, vision and mission are fueled by infinite energy of unknown variables of limitless possibilities and providence, amplified with confidence, courage, trust and optimism to go forward. We are established with time tested solid principals to live by and build a family, enterprise, industries and a nation with, being dedicated to character building, the spirit of co-operation and working to achieve goals, make progress, improve life with the necessity of invention, with the unrelenting quest for super-achievement. Do you remember when that was normal, an everyday reality? Have you ever experienced that kind of life? Or with some imagination, could you imagine that kind of life?

We take pride in all these these things and more, our identity, our achievements, our abilities, our individual characteristics, moral fortitude, spiritualized conscience, a dynamic and practical everyday ethic, moral courage to go forward and do the right thing, to encourage others to express and the best of who they are, to reach higher and dream to be something more, with the pro-active steady effort over time that makes dynamique unrelenting progress. The real progress we make is the kind that is the foundation for an advanced enduring civilization, with our loyal friends, allies, family and the people we work with, as we work to build great things together, we co-create destiny, the future that we experience everyday, we are each a part of the alternate reality creation engine. There is nothing to apoligize for. Did you get that? There is nothing to apoligize for. This contrasts by exponential magnitude compared to other realms of attitudes and correspondance found elsewhere. The privilege of fortune, very smart, work hard and work smart, make investment, save money, family values, true values, democracy, society, church and religion, the civil code, a superior moral code, our technique and systems, God's creative power and wisdom, more than perfect and infinite quest for continuous improvement. Guard privilege certainly. Keep what you work for, don't be defrauded by infidels.

Do you like the experience of a revitalized outlook and confidence in your step and countenance, the boldness to redevelop and rebuild that national dream. The individual can increase in self-esteem, personal identity, competence, confidence, assertiveness, personal initiative, the incredible satisfaction of challenge and reward, doing things personally, to learn, grow and excel in any number of goals, projects, character building, doing, achieving, experiencing something new. Working together requires unity and purpose, appreciation and recognition of others in the quest, like the grail quest, characters appear in our lives and we have the responsibility and opportunity to work and associate and make progress when we open our eyes and imagination to awesome syncronicity and providence and progress that can be ours. Make friends, form groups, deploy teams, co-operate and compete, go forward.

We work, we invest, we build, we create, we imagine, we dream, we plan, we work pro-actively, we can do that for those things that have been done before and certainly can do that for those things that are visionary, futuristic and awesome. We work as artists and scientists, executive and all personnel, project managers, personnel managers, administration and make it happen on the factory floor or flying into the atmosphere. Where we fall short, miss the target or fail to achieve our expectations, we renew our efforts, we need to associate with people to go forward. We, is the soul group, we share common characteristics, experiences, ideals, energy, faculties of creative power, optimistic atitude that propels us to greater altitudes of experiencing everyday reality.

Everyone can take an interest in their super powers. Unity is a super power, faith is a super power, whether believing in God, a supreme being, who is the ultimate aeronautical, aerospace engineer,and much more, the ultimate creator or believing in the project you are involved in, confidence, trust, faith, the unknown variable. Patience, resourcefulness and an industrious work ethic is a super power, real character such as self control and self descipline is a super power. Looking after your health, whether spiritual, emotional, mental, psycological, energetic, physical and even psychic is essential, this creates exponential influence on your super powers. Why is that so important you may ask. It takes all that and more to transform thought into reality.

This is also for those who have had past life recall, dreams of another life and for those waking up from the dream super-imposed maybe until the appointed time, members of a soul group, you know who you are, welcome to the Universe of the visionary creative imagination, audacity and resolution, a place for magic, a place to learn, grow, excel, a place to be challenged, on a mission, a place to succeed, to achieve, to believe in something more, once again, a place for your heart and soul, the individual, a place to experience and transform dreams into reality, a place where we can work to build great things together, a place to do creative empowering work of an aircraft and spacecraft design, and be pro-actively engaged in the "Renaissance, Transformation and Evolution Projects", the Ultimate Flying Machine and the "UFM Advanced Projects", something awesome awaits.

We can redevelop and rebuild the national dream, like we can an aircraft, it can be done with people of character, resolution, discipline, co-operation and focus, old school industrious work ethics, pure ability to work with your mind and hands, personally with your heart and soul, the energy of your being.

We can build something like what pre-existed, even something on the drawing boards or floating in the space time of thought energy, stored in the secret vaults of time. We can go forward with advanced materials, engineering and manufacturing, production and assembly, new engines, energy and propulsion systems and technology, controls, we can have traditional instrument panels or glass cockpits and the latest state of the art and science, and much more.

We go forward more with industrial infrastructure, we can create private educational and skill training facilities, build upon what we have if it works for us. We can work to develop personal apititudes, interests, skills, talents, character and personality of the individual, we can create jobs, careers, a world full of promise and unlimited possibility.

We can go forward with our intuition, even as our predecessors did, to trust ourselves and optimize our ideas and vision with advanced engineering, comprehensive testing and continous development, we can express the best of who we are and help and encourage others to express the best of who they are, this can be done, as some people are doing this now. It takes courage to be encouraging, this means caring about people, whether as mentors, coaches, leaders, allies, co-workers and friends, even as we each can be dedicated to continuous improvement, we can always learn from others in one way or another, we can co-operate, we can build, we can achieve and succeed.

We can go forward, with loyal dedicated people to restore peace, order and good government, we can build with true values, family values, the principals and ethics that were the operating systems of building community and industry from the pioneering days of re-establishing our ownership and control of the lost world of our ancient origins and our destiny of building a civilized advanced civilization and some of the most advanced aeronautical and aerospace projects in the world, that is a whole lot more interesting and exciting, the ultimate flying machine adventure, in the greatest adventure of all time. "This is something more up to speed eh".

Everyday a new experience, with awesome creative and co-creative power and unlimited imagination, our mission, the dreams in our hearts, the fantastic vision in our minds eye, those things that resonate and burn in our heart and soul, our inheritance, our genius, our vision, our audacity, our resourcefulness, our aeronautical and aerospace design engineering genius, we dream, we plan, we envision, ww do the math and geometry, we project into multi-dimensional space, with pure delight, energizing the atmosphere with the energy of aerospace, all the dreams, pure thought energy accessable in non linear non local time, we create, we go forward with purpose, we are on fire, combustion thermo-physics of heart and soul.

In the spirit of astral time travel, parallel universe and multiverse reality, alternate time lines and choice points that effect the time line or that can create a new timeline, and of course our favourite, the alternate reality creation engine, that is visionary, revolutionary, unlimited, pro-active, resource rich with magnitudes of "what if scenarios" for the individuals with creative imagination and audacity to create a new space time continuum by pure thought and deep desire and making it fact in the world.

If we consider the words of Sir Issac Newton, about the visionary capacity to see more, know more, create more or anything else like that, it is because we stood on the shoulders of giants, but also, we are giants, with the magnitude of vision, capabilities, design engineering, organization and the audacity and ambition to do a whole lot more on a scope and scale that is awesome.

It is possible that some of the ideas and concepts written here may be unfamiliar to you, some things are futuristic, many things are advanced and go beyond conventional status quo, so if your would like further understanding please send us a message, at least, it is hoped that you will get the point, see the vision and imagine the possibilities and how you might get involved or contribute to the Ultimate Flying Machine, Advanced Projects and the RTE Projects or anything else presented here.

We can choose to go forward with an empowered vision, to create an alternate reality, a reality we can have by choice, that real freedom of choice with relevant options. If you consider the idea and story of the grail quest, imagine for a moment, that this is it…

The Future Now with Comeau Aerospace Inc.